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We love the industry and love RC Helicopters. We started our business in 2008 and in development of new product and new RC Helicopter designs for the RC helicopter hobby industry. We have US Patents pending for chassis designs for RC helicopters and currently producing a NEW 500 and 600 electric helicopters! We like the tarot product because of the quality and the machining aspect of the products. Also the suddle engineering changes they make to some of their product which we think makes them unique. We like to hear from our customers so please feel free to contact us anytime.

We have a lot of websites right know and working on all of them every day.

Tarot-RC-Heli.com :

We try to add and order and update the site almost everyday


This is our Parent company and our baby... we currently don’t have all of our product on line but, you may have seen our product at the funflys and so on. We carry all of our US patents under this company and we are in development of two new helicopters currently. The sizes ranging from 380 to 800 electric RC helicopters. Manufactured right in the USA and made from top of the line materials like billet 7075 alloy!!! So watch us grow and site back check out the new and exciting product to be released in the near future.

Thank you

David Frederick