Tarot X6 Hexa-copter Incased Power Distribution Board


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Product description:
Six-axis integrated PCB is suitable for all kinds of eight-axis unmanned aerial vehicles. It is quick and convenient to integrate brushless motor power lines and electronic governor signals. In addition, it provides 2 power output for powering multi-rotor flight control and wireless image transmission. The customized receiver adapter has a simple overall design and is easy to use.
Product specifications:
Coaxial power cord set × 6
signal line set × 6
AS150 fireproof plug set × 1
XT150 plug set × 1 10AWG
silicone wire × 2
insulation pad × 3
PCB circuit board × 1
signal line socket × 6
signal line integrated socket × 1
XT30 plug socket group × 2
Hub protection box × 1
M2 × 8 head screws × 4


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