Tarot TL8X002 Auto Landing Gear Controller




This controller will work with various Tarot Landing Gear, you need one controller on a drone to control two gears.

Specifications :
– Input power : DC 12.6V to 25.2V
– Signal input : PWM signal, <1520us will deploy, >1520us will retract

Features :

  • Polarity Protection : If you mess up the Red Black power input, that will not damage the board, good news for beginners
  • Power Up Safe : The gears will remain deployed when you connect drone battery, no matter gear switch is ON or OFF.
  • Working Status Light :While landing gear in motion, LED status will blink, once fully deployed or retracted, LED status will go out.
  • Fail Safe Protection :Landing Gear will auto deploy when Receiver lost RC signal (User must turn on Fail Safe function on RC Transmitter)

Diagnoses :

  • Nothing happened after power up : Check controller’s polarity (Red Black cable)
  • Landing Gear stuck in the middle : Check mechanical of the gear box, anything jammed in the way?
  • After Landing Gears set position, LED won’t go out : Check the battery voltage, could be too low
  • After powered up, LED keeps blinking rapidly : Controller and RC Receiver communication problem, check the plug is it reversed? Receiver is controlling this channel effectively?

Please confirm you have connected the Landing Gears correctly
With the controller powered up, please unplug the Controller’s servo cable from the RC Receiver, the controller will go into Fail Safe mode, you should see the landing gears fully deploy, if they do, that means you’ve connected the landing gear’s polarity to the controller correctly.

Suitable for : Tarot TL8X001 / TL96030 Auto Landing Gear

Will it work for my landing gear?
This controller has a small White connector which is specially for Tarot TL8X001 and Tarot TL96030 Auto Landing Gears only, if your landing gear has Servo Connector, that WILL NOTwork with this controller.
Tarot TL8X002 Auto Landing Gear Controller

Tarot TL8X002 Auto Landing Gear Controller

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