Tarot T18 Octocopter Carbon Boom Folding Arm 560mm


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product manual:
    It adopts a 6061T6 process aluminum alloy full CNC machining. The folding part adopts an independent ¢ 60 metal dovetail structure design. It has a strong clamping force and its locking strength is higher than that of a horizontal fixed carbon tube. The connection point adopts a damping design, and the quick folding method brings an unusual use experience. The full carbon tube is made of imported 3K grain pure carbon fiber cloth, which is cured at high temperature. This section is a non-normal half-carbon and half-glass structure product that is purely commercially available. The surface has been subjected to high-precision centerless grinding, and the external diameter and diameter specifications are fixed. The full matte effect makes the carbon fiber texture clear and strong. This full-carbon tube has high strength,
Lightweight and excellent shock resistance. The inner groove hook thread of the dovetail groove metal piece is connected with the full carbon pipe, which has an excellent binding force. (Please apply damping oil between the metal pipe seat and the damping sheet)
Φ25MM 3K pattern matte pure carbon tube (Φ25 × 23 × 524.5MM) × 1
Metal dovetail socket × 1 (70 × 29 × 29MM) 24.0G
Metal damping sheet × 2 (H4 × 16 × 2MM)



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