Tarot RC GOPRO Brushless Gimbal without Tarot Gyroscope

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Product Description:
       T-2D Haeundae is TAROT company designed for GoPro Hero3 camera and developed for film and television entertainment, advertising model photography and many other areas. Haeundae uses 6061T6 aluminum CNC machining, brushless motor direct drive, the overall framework design has the concept of sophisticated, easy installation and other features. Stable PTZ structure of the aircraft in high-speed flight state, still able to accurately control the mount GoPro camera remained stable, so that the picture output to achieve the best aerial effects.

Product introduction:
      Tarot T-2D gimbal is designed for the Gopro Hero 3, which is widely used in film, television productions, advertising aerial photography, etc. 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC precision machining and brushless motor driving, its overall framework is designed with the idea of compact, easy installation, high precision, lightweight, high stability and many other characteristics. Evenif the aircraft is in high-speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the Goprocamera precisely with the highest stability, so pictures or videos output can reach the best quality.

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PTZ mount hook × 2 (72 × 25 × 10MM) 3.8G
M2.5 × 8MM cup head screw head × 4
H5 × 14MM aluminum alloy column × 4
M2.5 × 5MM Cup head cap screw × 4
1.6MM3K Carbon Fiber Shock Absorber × 1 (84 × 79 × 1.6MM) 10G
1.6MM3K Carbon Fiber Shock Absorber × 1 (89 × 79 × 1.6MM) 12G
GOPRO Shock Absorber Ball × 4 (14 × 13 × 1.2) 0.9G
M3 Stop Screw x1 (M3x4mm)
GOPRO Brushless Arm Motor Block × 1 (60 × 35 × 17MM)
M2.5 × 5MM Socket Head Cap Screw × 2
M2.0 × 6MM Socket Head Cap Screw × 2
M3 Stop-leak screw x 4 (M3x4mm)
GOPRO Brushless PTZ Roller Arm × 1 (60 × 35 × 17MM)
GOPRO Pitch Shaft Brushless PTZ Motor (Short axis) × 1
GOPRO Pitch Shaft Brushless PTZ Motor (Long axis) × 1
Pure carbon motor cover × 1 (38 × 33 × 2.5MM)
M2 × 22MM Cup Hexagon socket head cap screw × 2
GOPRO3 Metal Camera Fastener × 1 (51 × 29 × 7MM) 4.0G
GOPRO3 metal camera base × 1 (51 × 45 × 15MM) 13.0G
M3 × 6MM countersunk head screw × 1
M3 × 5MM cup head counterweight × 1
sensor metal cover × 1 (24 × 21.5 × 4.5MM) 2.7G
M2 × 5MM cup head hexagonal screw × 4
Manual × 1

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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  1. Scott

    I haven’t used the full setup yet (gimbals and motors) but I have used the mounting plates from this kit (TRCH68A08) on my dji Phantom to hardmount my Sony ActionCam. Like most guys I was getting the "jellyrolling" of the videos from the motor/rotorblade vibrations. Even after I balanced the rotors I was still getting the jellyrolling. I installed the Tarot baseplates and rubber dampners on the underside of the Phantom then hardmounted the camera base to the baseplates using double-sided tape (gyro tape). The results were awesome – absolutely no jellyrolling on my videos. The Tarot system will definately mitigate your vibration issues.

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