Tarot M3 Stainless Steel Locknut




 M3 PTZ nut 304 stainless steel full CNC machining, suitable for M3 standard screws, can be self-locking in Φ4.5MM aperture carbon fiber plate, without the use of wrench fastening. The thread structure using a unique design of self-locking thread technology, the thread bottom part of the wedge bevel, make the tip of the bolt on the top wedge tightness, resulting in enhanced locking force, with excellent resistance to horizontal Vibration ability, from the fundamental solution to the general standard thread loose under the vibration of the problem.

Product Specifications:

M3 PTZ Nut × 10

Tarot M3 Stainless Steel Locknut

Tarot M3 Stainless Steel Locknut

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Weight 0.0625 lbs


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