Tarot 4108 – 380KV 6S Multicopter Brushless Motor-Silver


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Product description: The
   4108 / 380KV6S high-efficiency multi-rotor disc brushless motor is designed for the four-axis and six-axis multi-rotor aircraft. It is manufactured with high-precision full CNC machining. The flat surface is smooth and seamless, and the balance is excellent. The newly-designed high-efficiency turbofan cover provides powerful cooling airflow. The rotor is made of high magnetic material NdFeB. The stator is reinforced with high-strength epoxy resin to protect it from high temperatures. The 22P high-flux outer rotor motor is especially Balance correction has improved the vibration problem caused by the poor balance of ordinary external rotation motors. The motor shaft is made of high-speed alloy steel. The upper and lower covers of the motor use large-scale high-speed precision bearings, which have the advantages of low friction torque, small power loss, impact resistance, and strong radial support at momentary high speed. 4108 / 380KV6S new-generation brushless motor has passed strict dynamic, static, magnetic field characteristics, strong magnetic resistance to high temperature, demagnetization loss, motion vibration, noise, load performance, and other engineering technical demonstrations. Continuing the advantages of TAROT brushless motors: long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, and stable control.

Product parameters: 
Motor outer diameter: 46MM
stator diameter: 40.6M           
stator end thickness: 8MM
stator end number: 24 slot
motor poles: 22P
wire diameter: 0.23MM 
gear shaft installation diameter: ¢ 4MM         
motor height: 24MM
motor shaft center length: Speed  
per volt: 380 RPM / Volt
Motor weight: 93G
Motor internal resistance: 135 mΩ
No-load current: 0.5A              
Maximum thrust: 1620g 
6S4108 brushless motor Installation specifications: 27.7MM equilateral triangle
Propeller installation specifications: Main hole diameter 4mm, side hole diameter 3mm, center distance 12mm

Product specifications:
6S4108 / 380KV brushless motor 93G × 1
M3 × 6MM cup head screw × 3
M3 × 8MM semi-circular head screw × 2
metal rotor blade 2.5G × 1


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