Rotor Tech FK600 Main Blades Tarot RC helicopter


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Rotor Tech FK550 Main Blades Tarot RC helicopter


Product Manual:
The FK600 carbon fiber main rotor/RT-610MM is suitable for use with Tarot600 helicopters. Fen Kee FunKey is a global manufacturer of paddles for design and production models with excellent quality and performance. Its production of many well-known brand main rotors (such as: EDGE, RAIL BLADE, DH BLADE), RT main rotor absolute quality assurance, design safety is the first choice for model lovers.
Product specifications:
Rotor Specifications: 610MM
The total length of the rotor: 630MM
Paddle width: 57 mm
Paddle thickness: ≥12 mm
Inner hole diameter: 4 mm
Single piece weight: 152

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