Tarot Drone Kits

Tarot RC Heli Drone kits ,Tarot RC Heli USA,Tarot Drone , Tarot is the leader when it comes to Drone and Multirotor Chassis design. Tarot RC has been designing Multicopter chassis for about 10 years and are leaders in the industry.

Tarot RC Heli uses the best materials when designing their Tarot drone and Multirotor chassis. Tarot RC Heli has manufactured and Custom Designed many different Drone Multirotor Chassis for NASA , Navy, Army, Police, Fire, Education, Film industry, Border Patrol, agriculture. And many small to medium sized companies all over the world.

Tarot RC Heli is the leading design engineer for Tarot and we design 95% of their Tarot Drone chassis. Let Tarot RC Heli design your next project and we can meet your expectations in design and performance and match you up with quality custom design and manufactured motors and ESC and Gimbals.

As you can see our chassis are rated some of the best in the industry, contact us and see what we can do for you!

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